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Originally Posted by Sinfulsot View Post
It didn't feel like 20 minutes.

I'm not sure if it was short because they were doing a few "in the neighborhood shows before the holidaze and thus wanted to give the fans a little something, but ***not too much***, because you know, ya gotta keep
'em a little hungry if you want 'em coming back for more, or if Worcester just has some sort of curfew in place during the week.
Well I'm just using the fact that all 3 of those songs are 6 minutes-ish long. I figured a curfew might be at play here, because every other time I've seen them the set was about 95 minutes dead on. I'm hoping for more, but I'm definitely not going to bed upset if there's not more. We have a fucking fantastic support act tomorrow night so I have that to look forward to as well.
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