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I actually did attend this show. A few good things and a few really bad things. First off this was the first "metal" show that the BOK Center has ever had since it's only been open since September. Thanks to BOK absolutely fucking over several thousand people outside, I missed all of The Sword and got to miss all of Down except for Bury Me In Smoke. There is only 1 entrance and there were actually walk through metal detectors like you would see in an airport. There were actually maybe 4 doors opened p letting people in. I waited outside for 45 minutes and then found out if you are on the floor you have to walk on the otherside of the goddamn buildng to get braclets to make it to the floor. What a bunch of shit.

Enough of my bitching now....Metallica put on an absolutely amazing show with the coffins and lasers and big black beach balls which I was able to grab . It was a very nice surprise to hear Phantom Lord though. Yet again got disapointed because I did not get Four Horsemen or Ride The Lightning, maybe one of these days...might get lucky like the 4th time I see them whenever that might be. I was hoping to get Stone Cold Crazy on the encore but Die Die My Darling was also very nice as well. And it was funny to see them absolutely cover Kirk with shaving cream and silly string and putting a bra on the end of his guitar as it was his birthday last night. I'm sure this would have been an even more amazing show had I got to see The Sword and Down but life will go on... I'm curious to see how screwed over I will get at the NIN show this Saturday...
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