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In Flames -- Wheaton, MD -- November 20th, 1999

Yes, take note of the date. I had been looking through my house for this the last few weeks, finally found it today in a sock drawer. In Flames and Moonspell played a metalfest in Texas in November 1999 (November to Dismember, I believe), then did a short US tour together, a first for both. This was the last night of the tour, at a record shop / pub / coffee house in Wheaton, MD (suburban DC). Dillinger Escape Plan was one of the local openers.

Moonspell (in order)
Butterfly FX
Second Skin
Ruin and Misery
Alma Mater
I am the Eternal Spectator
Wolfshade/Werewolf Masquerade

In Flames (semi in order)
Star Wars theme (intro)
Embody the Invisible
Stand Ablaze
Clad In Shadows
Insipid 2000
Zombie, Inc
Artefacts of the Black Rain (we had to beg for it)
Ordinary Story
Behind Space
Episode 666

The first 3 and last 3 are in order. They didn't actually leave the stage for the encore, you had to go through the crowd to the stage, Anders said there was no way they could leave then make it back. It was the drummers birthday, so at one point during the set, they had a birthday cake brought out, and we all sang happy birthday. Right before the encore, I remember (somehow) the following exchange:

Anders "Ok, we are going to play two more songs"

Random Guy "Play TEN more songs!"

Anders "I don't think we have ten more songs"

And yes, this setlist is the reason I will never pay money to see this band again
8/1 FNM
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