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Left 4 Dead

Ohhhhhhhh my god.

Did anyone else get this today / play it? My roommate got it ... we were just playing through the campaign online with an Xbox Live friend of his ... this game is incredible.

Now, if some of you already don't know, I am a freakin zombie fanatic, so I've been really looking forward to this game. I was kinda iffy about the fact that they're the fast, running zombies, as well as there being like "special zombies" that are really strong and have powers and shit, however it really worked out very well. Another thing I was iffy about is that, unlike a real zombie attack, you don't like transform into one or anything, you can just keep getting attacked and healing ... but after playing, it would be literally impossible if you became a zombie after just getting attacked.

Anyway, what I really like about it is if you and your crew die (which happens, alot, haha), when you respawn at the beginning of the level, the zombie layout is never the same. You will walk into a room, and zombies that were there before won't be there, or maybe there will be more. We died so many times but it didn't get frustrating at all because it was always different and always fun.

If you're a casual gamer, I would not recommend this to you. It's definitely challenging but extremely fun, so if you're a big gamer, get this NOW!
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