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i started with next generation as well. DS9 was really good. Voyager would be hit or miss. i liked enterprise's characters, but i had a nerd meltdown regarding the klingons: if enterprise is set before Kirk's enterprise, the klingons should not have the mega brow. my wife intervened as the voice of reason, i got passed it and let it go. then they encountered the borg, and that was that, i stopped watching. then it got cancelled.

the only thing that came out of Enterprise that i thought was of value is "subservient quadraped" referring to humans' inclination to have pets, apparently the only species in the universe to do so.

but as hard of a trekkie i was, Babylon 5 came along and was so much better than all of the treks. well, DS9 comes close, but there is still that trek sterility inherent in the show despite the content and the various story arcs that made DS9 so good.
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