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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
same here .. Most Opeth fans feel themselves to be superior because of the "complexity of the music"

It is so funny that in the end it ainīt
that complex that people will claim.

Seing the creation from day 1 and the
progression itīs more a natural way.

And as Mike never really liked Morbid
Angel at the early days itīs a later
influence in the bands sound.

It just says more abot you, who probably
never heard Mefisto, than anything else.

The earliest steps to the so called complexity
came by influences such as Mefisto,
Possessed and Necrophagia together
with the melodies of Mercyful Fate,
Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Priest
and of course mainly by King Diamonds
"Fatal Portrait" & "Abigail" albums.

I donīt ever think I saw Mike really get into
any of the Morbid Angel stuff before getting
into the band. I remember lending him a tape
before the release of "Altars of Madness" with
their "Unholy Blasphemies" rehearsal alongside
a unreleased album by (Chicago) Devastation
and some Autopsy, and he get me that tape back
quite quickly which was not normal at the time
(if he liked something he kept it until you more
or less had to steal it back).

It was more after they toured with Morbid Angel in
1996 or 1997 he became a major fan of the band
and Treyīs riffs. And ever since he had that thing
with Morbid Angel. He makes jokes about stealing
from them but if you tell it to him he gets upset for

Whatever. As everybody probably steals from
somewhere in particular, it is pointless to
go on with stuff. I know what was pumping in
the ghettoblasters at the time of the Opeth
creation some 18 years 7 months and 14 days
13/4 Grave + Demonical
17/4 The Only Ones
28/4 Blaze Bayley + Enemynside
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