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Simply put: one of the year's best metal albums
whether you like the sound or not (though how could you not?) the talent and creativity that's put out by this band is nothing short of admirable.
Lyrically and vocally, Stanne shines as the creative powerhouse of this band, displaying a somewhat broadened range of abilities on the tracks 'Misery's Crown' and 'The Mundane and The Magic', the only songs on the album to make use of his somewhat operatic clean vocals. Musically, the band has retained it's signature 'Gothenburg Sound', while stepping up somewhat in the soloing department. Overall, the album is a real work of art from an important band within the metal community. It's nice to see that while another pioneer of the Gothenburg Sound, In Flames, may be getting more famous while distancing themselves from their roots, at least Dark Tranquility keep the melodic death metal torch burning for at least a little while longer. I recommend this to fans of any melodic metal. Almost guaranteed that you will not be disappointed.
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