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updated OP

Finally found time to update Day 2 if anyone cared

-Under Eden a local band stared the day off...i saw them before and didnt really care, but this time i seemed to enjoy them a bit more...

-Velnias was up next. they had a blend of old Opeth and Agalloch. they had a very cool candle light setup. awsome set they put on...too bad i dont know the songs

-Chaos Moon came up with a loud high pitched piercing scream...i typically like most black metal stuff but i just didnt care too much for these guys. they had some cool riffs but not enough to keep my interest too much.

-i was starting to get tired when Oakhelm hit the stage. at first i didnt really care for them either and decided to sit down, but as their set progressed i started to like it more and more, i even caught myself nodding to there songs without even meaning too

-Nechochwen was this acoustic guy who played 2 seperate sets up in the bar. he was talented at what he did, even though he wasnt metal it was still really cool. i took a picture of his setlist for anyone who care

1) Gissis
2) [unreadable]
3) Falling Timbers
4) Dove Song
5) Gnadenhutten

1) Chapel Song
2) Cut-ta-ho-tha
3) [unreadable]
4) Chant
5) By The Fire

-Wolven Ancestry came up with full corpse paint on...a funny store that i witnessed, while using the restroom i saw these guys putting on their paint and one of the members said, "Hey does this look alright?" and the other simply said, "oh whatever" probably had to be there...but these guys were pretty cool so i tried to take note of he songs they played...heres what i came up with

1) As Life Is Forgotten With Time
2) ?
3) A Bloodline of Immortal Passion Bestowed the Harmony of Man and Wolf
4) Silence of the Boreal
5) And Gaia's Wrath of a Thousand Forms of Vehement Torture Will Be Brought Upon Ourselves, the Self-Destructing Human

-Metsatoll came all the way from Estonia to play one show in Minnesota, i was very happy with these guys. they were very cool. They had more of a folk metal sound and had an assortment of different instruments they played wiht on stage, mainly a friend caught their setlist so i took a picture of it. it contains a few letters for each song as well as tons of scribbles and pictures of animals. its pretty funny, i will have to post it. here is wat i can make out

1) Hundiloom
2) [squiggles with a picture of a dog]
3) [more squiggles with a picture of a duck]
4) Iiva
5) Raev
6) Soja
7) Pojad
8) Saaremaa
9) Loic
10) Sutex

-Mohawk and all,Woods of Ypres took the stage. this band definitly didnt fit any image i would have guessed to be on this tour. i have one of there cds and i enjoy it, but i wasnt expecting them to look like they did...anyways here are the songs i knew

1) ?
2) The Shams of Optimism
3) The Sea of Immeasurable Loss
4) A Meeting Place and Time
5) Awaiting the Inevitable

-Moonsorrow was closing down the festival. with only 2 shows ever in the United States, both being in Minnesota, i found it very fortunate that we have this festival so close to my home...i tryed to recall all the songs from the evening so i will have some missing songs, but i have a it is.

1) Tulimyrsky
2) 1065: Aika
3) Kylän päässä
4) ?
5) Ukkosenjumalan Poika
6) Pakanajuhla
7) Tulkaapa Äijät!
8) Jotunheim
9) Raunioilla
10) Sankarihauta
11) ?

it SHOULD be fairly accuarate, but id expect something to be wrong in there somewhere...both days were amazing though, here is to Heathen Crusade 4!
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