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Sabaton -- London, UK -- November 5th, 2008

Venue: Purple Turtle, London, UK
Supports: Grailknights / Intense

Sabaton set list :

Intro – Sun Tzu Says
Ghost Division
The Art Of War
Into The Fire
Rise Of Evil
Cliffs Of Gallipoli
Light In The Black
Nuclear Attack
The Price Of A Mile
Attero Dominatus
Panzer Battalion
Primo Victoria
Metal Machine / Metal Crue

Grailknights set list:
Intro I
Grailquest Gladiators
Nameless Grave
Intro II (Zapf Beauty – non appearance)
The White Raven
Intro II (Zapf Beauty)
Moonlit Masquerade
Intro III (Urks)
Return To Castle Grailskull
Blast Beat Song
Intro IV (Gralübergabe)

Intense set list:
Fear Is Not Enough
Collision Of Destinies
Trojan Transmission
Dark Season
Our Last Hope
War Of Angels

Note: Intense went on last due to Sabaton & Grailknights having to leave to catch a ferry

Photos & review:

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