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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
i thought the crowd was somewhat lame though. most of the time the crowd stood around like zombies looking confused until TTFAF came on. (damn fucking GH)
crowd was a lot more fun wise when they played the wiltern 2 years ago w/ all that remains and horse the band. the crowd was nothing but metalheads going crazy and headbanging and the pits were always active. this show had a lot of nerds and little kids (literally like a lot of kids ages 6-13), which isn't a bad thing, but most of them only knew TTFAF.

i realized i definitely grew out of this band. i still listen to them every now and then, but i grow tired of them fast. i can only listen to a few of their songs i can listen to without getting tired of such as Valley of the Damned, Black Fire, Disciples of Babylon, Storming the Burning Fields, Cry For Eternity, and Prepare for War.

overall great show. but i'll prob pass next time if tix are expensive and i have another show i would rather see within the next week or so.
This is exactly how I feel. The first 2 times I saw them they were amazing, and I loved it. This last time I was completely bored, except for Valley of the Damned. I don't know if it's the combination of video game addicted little kids and the lameness of their new album or what, but DF just don't do it for me anymore.
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