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Necromance -- Allentown, PA -- November 8th, 2008

Well tonight was my band's last show for the year, being that we're entering the studio next weekend and will be hard at work on making our 6 song demo CD throughout the duration of the remaining year.
As per usual, the Sterling Hotel was as disorganized as fuck. Things started like an hour late, one of the bands didn't show up, the running order was juggled, etc, etc. We eventually checked in around 7 and the first band went on around 7:30. The first two bands were, as expected crap.
We went on at like 9. Our set was luckily extended a little bit which was nice. We decided to pull out both Savatage covers as I knew like a dozen Savatage fans were gonna be in attendance, and it proved a great decision. I felt we played quite well and what's more we had a great time which is really all I can ask for. We had the best turnout of the night, being we brought the most people of all bands on the bill, the most other people were there during our set, and all the other bands were into us as well. There were a few slight mishaps but everything went well.
Necromance set list:
1.Never Look Back
2.Stand Up and Fight
3.This Holy War
4.Strange Wings (Savatage)
6.The End of Our Days
7.Breaking the Chains
8.Destiny Calls
9.Power of the Night (Savatage)

After our set we packed up and talked to everyone for a few minutes and then headed to a local diner to spend the little money we had just made. I promised the two main bands, Seventh Calling and Lost Legacy that we'd come back, as there was a band between us and them. We got back in time to see like 3 songs from Seventh Calling, who were pretty solid but I wasn't that impressed with.
Lost Legacy closed the show, and damn were they sweet. HEAVY old Queensryche influence both musically and in the Tate-isms of their singer. Despite being "True Metal" most of the time, they actually played two really fantastic ballads. I was really impressed with those. The guitarists were both fucking excellent and the band was really tight. Downright enjoyable set.
Set list: (What I can give of it)
2.For the Children
3.The Aftermath
4.I'm Here
6.Time Will Heal
8.Madness in Our Midst (title may be a bit off)
9.Towers (reprise)
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