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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
I was just remembering the Iron Maiden show which I saw in India last year.. so thought of looking it up that tour on this site.

@ The complaining genius minds here

You people have no idea of what you are talking about.

We NEVER saw Maiden in Dubai and India. NEVER.

How can you not expect Maiden to play classics for us??

We haven't been as fuckin lucky as the North American, who are the biggest whiners I have ever seen btw, and Europeans, who get to see Iron Maiden twice a year and in 500 cities.

We get Iron Maiden ONCE a year. in ONE city.

We don't bother crying and whining and complain about set lists. For us its just about enjoying the show put on by our Gods.
I don't think you realize two things.

1.Maiden are THE band for people on this message board, as we are primarily descendants of the old Iron Maiden board. They are our favorite band, and talking about their ups and downs is basically a way of life for us. We are not fanboys, but huge fans who can look at both sides of the coin and weigh the pros and cons of situations. We don't just love everything Maiden do because it's Maiden, and likewise don't bitch about everything (well at least I don't). I hate people who think when you point out dislikes or faults you're being a complaining little bitch. You're not. You're excercising your right to have an opinion.

But moreso:
2.We are voicing our opinions about the set list based on our personal experiences with Maiden. For those who have not seen them, they want to hear the classics, but for the people who do see them regularly, there should be something besides the same repetative set list to keep people coming back. If Maiden knew how to change set lists show-to-show or even country-to-country these arguements wouldn't even exist. We see a set list, we comment on our thoughts about it, from the perspective of if we were to see it, which in the case of people here means that even if they want to play a lot of classics, there should be some form of older rarities as well to compensate.

Furthermore, don't get that attitude with people from Europe or the USA just because of your unfortunate experience with Maiden. I realize it's not your fault, and it sucks, but taking it out on us won't change anything, we don't write Maiden's tour schedules ourselves. And frankly, you can't expect a band of Maiden's size to tour those types of countries on a regular basis or play a lot of shows when they do. Hell since 2003 Maiden have drastically scaled back the number of shows they play everywhere in the world, as is to be expected of a band of their age who is expected to put on a show of their magnitude.
Oh, and because I happen to live in an area where I can see Maiden every once in a while, don't try to martyr yourself by making yourself out to be a bigger fan or "appreciating it more".
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