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Originally Posted by surikatah View Post
As you probably will do, you can write this as follows: Paul Gilbert, Pamplona Spain, November 5th, 2008, but you'll be wrong again. Check "the unholy alliance chapter III", England??????

England is a football (soccer) team, not a country. Perhaps, you may mean UK, but ...

Iruņea and EH (Euskal Herria) will NOT forgive you

Anyway, HEAVY METAL (I'm sure) is BIGGER than your little history + geographical knowledge so I'll keep on going...
Insulting the folks who run METALSETLISTS -- and specifically me in this case -- is not a great way to start a set list thread. I'll save the FUCK YOU for another time and politely explain instead. Regarding location for set list titles:

For the US, we've always done city, state. Outside the US,we went with city, country -- country pretty much defined by the United Nations -- for a very long time. BTW, The names of the country have always been in English. Very appropriately, we used to change Basque Country to Spain.

Some time ago, we started to make allowances for some countries -- allowing England instead of modifying to the UK. Ditto for some of the provinces in Canada. We also extended the same courtesy to our members in the Basque Country. We made the change because some of our members requested it and we listened.

If you would like this thread to read "Basque Country" instead of Spain, I'll change it. It doesn't bother me, one way or the other. Let me know.
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