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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post

Last I checked, England was considered a constituent country, a country part of something larger (in this case the United Kingdom - I believe the term for the UK would be a sovereign state?)

Yet everywhere I've checked only refers to Euskal Herria as a region. Unless Europe has a different definition of 'region', that's like me putting "Boston, New England" as the location for a show in Boston, Massachusetts.
I just noticed that I quoted the wrong person here. JuuKun, your information is cool. Surikatah, this message is for you:

Great Paul Gilbert set list!

However, I must also correct you on your misinformation about England. UK is the United Kingdom, which consists of four countries: ENGLAND, Scotland, Whales, and Northern Ireland. I was born in England. My family emigrated here from England. Does England have a soccer team? They sure as hell do, along with millions of people, cats, dogs, chickens, and a whole bunch of other shit. Here is an article on wikipedia that you should read. It might help you sound more educated:

Again, sweet Paul Gilbert set list!

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