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Paul Gilbert -- Pamplona, Spain -- November 5th, 2008

As you probably will do, you can write this as follows: Paul Gilbert, Pamplona Spain, November 5th, 2008, but you'll be wrong again. Check "the unholy alliance chapter III", England??????

England is a football (soccer) team, not a country. Perhaps, you may mean UK, but ...

Iruņea and EH (Euskal Herria) will NOT forgive you

Anyway, HEAVY METAL (I'm sure) is BIGGER than your little history + geographical knowledge so I'll keep on going


01-- hurry up (very bad bad sound)
02-- the curse of castle dragon
03-- silence followed by a deafening roar
04-- eudaimonia overture (first with acceptable sound)
05-- norwegian cowbell
06-- scarified
07-- suite modale
08-- the gargoyle
09-- I cannot tell a lie
10-- jackhammer
11-- bronx 1971
12-- burning organ
13 technical difficulties
14-- green tinted sixties mind
15-- red house
16-- viking kong
17-- MR SKIN (first time they play this song: Paul said)
18-- down to mexico

Paul:awesome, Jeff Bowders:drumminator, Martini: great bassist, Amy Gilbert: (keyboards) acceptable. Crowd: about 300. Length: 2 hours. Price: 22 euros
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