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Yeah I saw this in Atlanta but it was fun as hell. I got lost since I've never been to the venue before. I ended up at some fitness place across the street and asked an old lady if she knew where the Drunken Unicorn but she gave me a weird look and said "no." Then I went to the Kroger and some bum asked for money and then told us where it was. Haha.

My friend who basically likes punk went with me so he liked the 2nd and 3rd band...they were decent. The first band sucked but were hilarious.....the guitarist had a jock strap on then threw it into the crowd and the singer kept spitting jell-o everywhere.

But Municiple Waste was amazing...I got in my first circle pit and Unleash the Bastards was way better live. I was gonna get a shirt but I didn't like most of em so I ordered one online when I got home.

I hope they come back soon
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