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Originally Posted by Sinfulsot View Post
as to worst name, that's the sort of reaction i wanted to hear about. as to best, not necessarily the most brutal, but certainly the biggest shock reaction that one would get from any non-metal friend or acquaintance. hence my choice of Rotting Christ for best name per the reaction i get from the non-metal ppl i know.

when i saw Pretty Little Flower on the maryland death fest bill, i thought it had a shot at worst name; however, for a death metal band, it's something i wouldn't expect. but i would compare this sort of thing to a tiny dog named The Terror or Crusher or something like that.
Pretty Little Flower is far from great, but it's so much better than all these lame "look-how-eeeevil-we-are" band names. I would throw Rotting Christ in that mix too -- it's not shocking, it's predictable. (I mean, really, it's basically an overblown variation on "Black Sabbath.")
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