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Originally Posted by zgodt View Post
If they don't make you cringe it's probably just that you've been desensitized by overexposure to how asinine metal band names are.

Earlier in this thread someone mentioned Prostitute Disfigurement. I saw that band name earlier this year and, far from finding it "brutal", thought it was the lamest, most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard. Ahaha! Not even "whorecutter" or something, but "Prostitute Disfigurement", all big fantsy words like they were intellectuals or something!
as to worst name, that's the sort of reaction i wanted to hear about. as to best, not necessarily the most brutal, but certainly the biggest shock reaction that one would get from any non-metal friend or acquaintance. hence my choice of Rotting Christ for best name per the reaction i get from the non-metal ppl i know.

when i saw Pretty Little Flower on the maryland death fest bill, i thought it had a shot at worst name; however, for a death metal band, it's something i wouldn't expect. but i would compare this sort of thing to a tiny dog named The Terror or Crusher or something like that.
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