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it was a decent show. I arrived at about 6:00 pm. The opening band, who was The Answer, sounded much like a new age Led Zepplin if you will. Not bad, but not going to get me going at this show. They had a special smoking door outside the south gate, and no security out there, and one women sitting down watching the doors with tons of people going in and out, you could have easily gotten in with no tickets. anywho, i went outside to have a smoke during this opening band, and decided, with no gates and security, im going to walk back to my truck to drink some more. That was probably one of the best ideas I've ever had. I had 2 more beers in the truck, walked right back in. When I got back inside i decided to indulge into one of those really tall mixed drinks you see at events. I tried to get 2 of them but the man said becuase of alcohal content he can only sell one. Well, ok, I'll take one, sure whatever. He puts the drink in my hand, and I get the $20 bill out to hand him, It's sitting in my hand and in the air right infront of him. He waits to get change, but then others come up and he starts to take there orders so im like...OK....This is strange. he keeps doing it, and im just like well, i can stand here, or run. So i Simply just walked away with a $15 dollar drink in my hand. For whatever reason things were just going my way that night. never had that before, but I am not going to complain.

As for ac/dc most of the crowd was very dull for the new songs, even well, they sounded like all hell when they played them. The old stuff sounded just about perfect. everyone had a very good sound to them, even brian johnson. I am wondering if they were just playing to a cd or something of that sorts becuase of the sound differance between the new and old stuff. Just really really weird, but all in all, a very good show.
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