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Watain -- Allentown, PA -- November 1st, 2008

Legions Of The Black Light
Devil's Blood
Satan's Hunger
Sworn To The Dark
I Am The Earth
Serpent's Chalice
On Horns Impaled
Watain (Von cover)

The smell of death filled the air of the Sterling Hotel last night!! Due to the fact that Watain had rotting roadkill wrapped around their mic stand, and hung from candle holders on stage. Candle burning behind them and two inverted crosses made the stage look like a giant Satanic altar!! Sadly they did not throw the blood into the crowd due to the venue telling them not to.

Also a funny story (told to my bro by their manager) Watain ran out of blood half way through tour and got to the butcher shop late, so they were chasing around pidgins in the parking lot trying to snap their necks to drain their blood!!
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