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I am so glad that KC finally actually gets something cool to come into town on Halloween and really does it get much better than Blackest Of The Black Tour? Thanks to lovely KC road construction I ended up missing Skeletonwitch and Winds Of Plauge. Little bummed about missing SW, didn't really know how a whole lot about WOP. I really enjoyed the Moonspell set, I didn't really know much about them going into it but I really enjoyed them and I thought they got over pretty well w/ the KC crowd which is surprising b/c (as anyone who has seen a show here...) generally the KC crowds aren't the smartest bunch as a whole... even though I have seen a few on this board .

3rd time getting to see Dimmu Borgir and I seem to enjoy them a little bit more each time I see them. I really enjoyed getting to see them on a larger stage w/ more lighting and more room to move around. Pretty sure they played the same setlist they did the whole tour. Was glad to finally hear "Puritania" To me it seemed like the crowd was almost as much Dimmu as they were Danzig.

First time ever seeing Danzig, pretty stoked. It was kind of a turn off for me w/ all of the rules w/ the no cameras/cell phones... seriously its a metal show since when are there supposed to be rules? Anyway I was a little surprised when Danzig actually came out. I mean he is still absolutely ripped but to me it seemed like he was kind of showing his age a little bit, is it me or does it seem like his face seemed like it was a little more round and the hair kind of thinning? I mean hell he's like 53 and I have all the respect in the world for him though and he can still hit the high notes better than anyone else at his age. And being a huge Prong fan its always nice to see Tommy Victor.

After the show is when it got even more fun for me. I was fourtunate enough to have a guy I went to high school w/ doing merch for Dimmu & Moonspell and I was lucky enough to be able to go backstage after the show. Something that was completely new to me, I never thought of myself as ever being important enough to make it backstage. While walking through the back I got to meet Fernando from Moonspell who was a very nice guy and I also got to meet Silenoz as well and he was making fun of the buddy b/c he had an enturage of 4 guys w/ him backstage and I believe I might have also seen Shagrath from a distance. Even scored some free beer out of the deal. 1st time ever backstage and very memorable.
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