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Originally Posted by mrchilidog View Post
I was at this show. They did not perform 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'.
either a) you weren't there, b) you had your head up your ass during that part, or c) you have no idea what FWTBT sounds like because yes, they did play it. I was there and the OP's list is correct unless you want to include the 2 solos that Kirk played during the set.

Overall I'd give the show a B+. Good effort from the band and the crowd was into the show the whole time. Sound quality could have been better, it sounded like they were purposely keeping the bass drums down so on songs like Battery and One where it really should hit you, it just didn't. James's vocals came across good for the most part but there were areas when it was drown out by Kirk. Guitars sounded great. I was happy with the set list, Hit the Lights was a nice addition. Sure there where other songs I would have liked to have heard also like Whiplash, Fight Fire with Fire, Leper Messiah, No Remorse among others but I can't complain too much. Outside of them playing for 3-4+ hours, it's impossible for them to come up with a set list that will make everyone happy(even then someone will still complain about why they didn't play their entire catalog. There's just too many good songs that people want to hear to fit in a 2hr. window.

I got early sale (2 weeks before the public) tickets through metclub so I got to download the mp3 of the show from for free. I burned them to cd and it sounds damn good in the car.

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