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not 100% on the Mastodon set. Their vocal mix was so bad on all three mics it was practically impossible to distinguish a single word. So I'm assuming it was the same set as elsewhere on this tour. Plus, what a fucking difficult band to watch. Incredibly impressive, but verging on boring. Nowhere near as gripping as the CDs.

Also not sure about "Ghosts of War" in the Slayer set. All I know is it was a song I didn't recognise (despite owning South of Heaven), and that's the one which has been following "Chemical Warfare" in their standard Unholy Alliance III set. Seeing as it was segued, I'm assuming that's a rehearsed thing.

They were great up to and including 'Angel of Death'. Then yaaaawwwnnn until 'Raining Blood'. Seriously, fucking dull.

Trivium also played, but who cares?

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