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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
You know I'm actually glad Edguy didn't play Catch of the Century in NYC? I like the song a good bit, and it's great fun, but it's an awful opener. It just lacks the power and energy to get the crowd into it right away. It was partially responsible for the mediocre delivery of the show I saw in September 2007. I'm MUCH happier that they opened with Mysteria.

Mysteria would have been a better opener to really get the crowd going I agree. But I think of it as getting an extra song haha, because the other shows seem like they've been only getting 7 songs. To me, regardless of what bands open with or end with, an extra song is always nice. "Catch..." is a weird concert opener, but when Mysteria came on near the end all hell broke lose and the crowd used up the energy for the end. I still loved it though.
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