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The Who -- Philadelphia, PA -- October 26th, 2008

OK, so The Who aren't exactly metal, but I thought I would post about my experience anyway because it was a hell of a night.

First of all, for those not familiar with the Philadelphia sports complex, allow me to explain that Philadelphia has 4 major venues within a half mile of each other: Wachovia Spectrum, Wachovia Center, Lincoln Financial Field, and Citizens Bank Park. Today there were sold-out events at 3 out of the 4 venues, with attendance totaling 132,000 people! The Philadelphia Eagles played at Lincoln Financial Field (they won!), the Philadelphia Phillies played game 4 of the World Series at Citizens Bank Park (they won!), and The Who rocked the Wachovia Center.

Inside the Wachovia Center it seemed like everyone was wearing Phillies or Eagles gear. All the TV's in the box suites were showing the Phillies game. Even Pete Townsend said something to the effect of, "We know there's 3 big events going on here today, and ours is the smallest."

But The Who put on a hell of a show. Roger's voice was incredible, especially given his age, and Pete was flying around the stage. The sound was perfect; it was loud, but not so loud that I had to wear earplugs. The crowd was into it, especially during their most popular songs like "Baba O'Riley" and "My Generation". During "Behind Blue Eyes" the crowd sang along louder than the PA. Definitely a memorable night.


I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Real Good Looking Boy
Sister Disco
Baba O'Riley
Getting In Tune
Eminence Front
Love, Reign O'er Me
My Generation
Won't Get Fooled Again
Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me, Feel Me
Tea And Theatre

Source: The Who Official Band Website

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