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Kamelot -- Hollywood, CA -- October 26th, 2008

What an amazing night! This night is right up there among my most memorable concert experiences!! WOW!

The first 2 bands were Vaylor and Deception . Vaylor was ok .. deception sucked.

But as soon as Edguy came on .. oh.... my... God!!

And the most (pleasantly) shocking part was that there was no barrier AT ALL! I was in the 1st row resting my hands on the stage!

Loved Edguy. Really crazy show by them Kamelot reduced their list to 15 songs instead of 17 because of time issues (show ended at 12:15) but at least we got a decent length list from Edguy Tobias was really great in his banter to the crowd.

I don't remember some of the songs that Edguy played. So not posting their setlist.

Coming to Kamelot. O My God!! Can't believe that each and every band member gave me and ppl around me plenty of handshakes and let us touch the guitars many many times!

I managed to catch their setlist along with one each of Edguy's and Kamelot's guitar picks.

So again, the list below is perfectly correct

Rule The World
When The Lights Are Down
Soul Society
The Pendulous Fall
Center Of The Universe
Descent Of The Archangel
The Haunting
Keyboard Solo
Ghost Opera
March Of Mephisto

Edguy said they will be back in September next year and Kamelot also said they will be back soon.
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