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Kataklysm -- Montreal, Canada -- October 24th, 2008

I don't remember the orders at all, I was really drunk and had my hands tied most of the night with some girl I met, but these are definatly the songs played. We got a slightly longer set then the other shows cuz they filmed their new video for Blood In Heaven during the show and they also played The Road To Devastation as an encore which I didn't see in other setlists. I copied the order from Insipidzombie's thread and just added the 2 other songs so thanks to him lol. I didn't see Keep Of Kalessin cuz I was too busy getting drunk in the parking lot and Arsis was replaced by some shitty local band.

01. Prevail
02. Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
03. Let Them Burn
04. As I Slither
05. The Chains of Power
06. Manipulator of Souls
07. Illuminati
08. As Death Lingers
09. Where the Enemy Sleeps
10. Taking the World By Storm
11. Blood In Heaven
12. Crippled and Broken
13. In Shadows & Dust
14. The Resurected

15. The Road To Devastation

Eluveitie got a longer set as well as Dying Fetus were not on the Canadian version of the tour so they were direct support. Awesome band, so glad they finally made it here.

Bloodstained Ground
Primordial Breath
Grey Sublime Archon
The Somber Lay
Inis Mona
Your Gaulish War

and Im pretty sure they closed with another song from their first album but I don't remember which song it was.

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