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Five Finger Death Punch -- Worcester, MA -- October 25th, 2008

I arrived right before Bury Your Dead came on, whom I saw open for Cavalera Conspiracy. which means i missed Another Black Day. The Palladium's sound is always hit or miss. when they first started playing, the drums were the loudest and as usual, the singer barely audible.

a pseudo setlist:
song #2 - all i could make out was "<garbled> at Midnight"
Song #3 - House of Stone (?)
crowd participation, call and response "oh yeah!" several times
song #5 - As I Judge (?)
banter and crowd participation, a 3 step program:
  1. Raise your hands
  2. Look to your left and right and high five your neighbors
  3. crowd surf to the stage and high five the singer
song #7 - Cover your Tracks
which ended with crowd participation: "Bury your fuckin' dead!"
In This Moment played a short set, which disappointed me greatly. She said why, but i could hardly make it out. And this was without ear plugs. The singer had on this pink number, i would call it a baby doll dress. it was short and frilly, it seems to be her thing. she wore something similar when i saw them support Megadeth.

All For You
a sort of drum solo which i think was more about filler
Daddy's Falling Angel
Beautiful Tragedy

Finally, the Five Finger Death Punch:

The Way of the Fist
crowd participation: When i say "Five Finger", you say "Death Punch"!!
The Devil's Own
Stranger Than Fiction
quick speech about the troops - "It is easy to remember those that return, but it's just as easy to forget those that will never come home". "Out of respect, let us bow our heads." which was mostly quiet, then...
White Knuckles
in the middle of the song, there was some crowd participation, then they lit up the pit by asking those that were afraid of getting hurt to exit promptly
Bad Company - cover
Never Enough
Meet The Monster
The Bleeding

Source: Attendance
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