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Blackest Of The Black -- Maplewood, MN -- October 22nd, 2008

just got back from the show after a 2 hour drive from Maplewood down to Mankato. here are the setlists!


1) Upon Wings of Black
2) East Into The Open Sea
3) Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
4) Beyond the Permafrost
5) Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
6) Within My Blood

Winds Of Plague:

1) A Cold Day In Hell
2) Anthems of the Apocalypse
3) Angels of Debauchery
4) Origins and Endings
5) Decimate the Weak
6) The Impaler


1) In Memoriam
2) Finisterra
3) Night Eternal
4) Moon in Mercury
5) Opium
6) Full Moon Madness

Dimmu Borgir:

1) Intro
2) Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
3) The Serpentine Offering
4) The Sinister Awakening
5) Reptile
6) Kings Of Carnival Creation
7) Spellbound (By The Devil)
8) Puritania
9) The Sacreligious Scorn
10) Mourning Palace


1) Wotans Procession
2) SkinCarver
3) Twist of Cain
4) Tired of Being Alive
5) Her Black Wings
6) Devil's Plaything
7) Left Hand Black

Dirty Black Summer

- Clearly with Danzig i am unsure the songs after Left Hand Black, but i know they played Mother and took a 15 second break to come back and play Dirty Black Summer. They cut out a bunch of songs from the other setlist because of time, Dimmu took over 45 minutes to finally hit the stage.

- The dimmu set may be missing a song, but i know they changed the 3rd and 4th song from the regular setlist so i think it is complete.

- the first 3 bands are correct.

the crowd was HORRIBLE tonight, not only was there not many people there but the kids that were, were kind of losers. anywas, Skeletonwitch was very cool to see even though only a handful of people got into them. Winds took the stage and was cool at first, than they played there long slow breakdowns and i kind of lost interest. Moonspell i was personally most excited about and there was only like 3 people that i saw in the whole crowd that even showed the slightest interest in them. Dimmu took FOREVER to get on and finally they did and you couldnt hear the drums, the vader drummer was drumming for them and i couldnt even hear it. so that was kind of disapointing, lots of retards in the pit..some guy kept grabbing people and i told him to have fun, without grabbing, he than grabbed onto me and said FUCK YOU and left with his middle fingers in the air...whatever. Danzig came on with HORRIBLE feedback from the mic. Glenn was pissed off at the sound crew, and often gave them the middle finger and even announed to the crowd how shitty of a job they are doing tonight. With many things being fairly dumb tonight, i still had a lot of fun reguardless.

it is also kind of funny, i ended up getting a Danzig pick, but after looking at it it says "Tommy Victor" on one side and "Prong" on the other...clearly he is using these just for touring with Danzig...but its funny i didnt even get a danzig pick

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