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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post

Originally Posted by Sinfulsot
crap. this sunday is downtime for me since Saturday is the combo of insulating my house (finally after 2 winters) and then 5FDP in Worcester, MA.

Any chance you hittin' new england?
Nah, not now at least. We're not on tour, we just happen to be playing a random show 2+ hours from home. If everything goes well I want to look into some sort of regional touring next summer or something. We'll have an EP out early in '09, and then with merchandise to sell travelling will actually become remotely worth it. No promises, but we're hoping.
Understood. of course, if there are any more one-offs until then that are within my radius of travel and a weekend, I just might look you up.

but i'd most likely keep my distance. i don't want my creepy old guy potential to inhibit.
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