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Cool DevilDriver -- Spokane, WA -- October 20th, 2008

Outstanding performance by the BEST band in the world. Finishing off the 2008 Bound By the Road Tour, in tow is Rosengard,Instinct of Aggression, Straight Line Stitch, and the reformed SNOT.
As usual DD brings the bands from parts unkown to come share in the madness. One of, if not the biggest pit party by a opening act, there are indeed a great number of SNOT fans who have been keeping a lot of energy in for about a decade. The PIT BULLS were literally catapulting victims over the front row and barrier, a couple times into the stage and really only 1 time they missed and pile drove the fan into the steel barrier head first. He went to the hospital and was the worst casualty. A bit of blood here and there , otherwise the usual respectful pit bunch.
A very different setlist than even in April so get out there and support or you WILL regret it.
The Snot set was exceptional making this a great show.
If you have never seen a DevilDriver show or if you are a long time fan you will not be disappointed. The boys are tighter than ever a finely tuned machine indeed. Another week to go - get ready Vegas and California - then South Africa next for the Drivers of Destruction.
As for the Spokanians, we await DOWN next week. Rock On!
1. Not All Who Wander Are Lost.
2. I Dreamed I Died
3. Clouds over California
4. Horn of Betrayal
5. Grinfucked
6. Nothing's Wrong ?
7. These Fighting Words
8. Burning Sermon
9. I Could Care Less
10. Head on To Heartache (Let Them Rot)
11. Before The Hangman's Noose
12. End Of The Line
13. The Wretched

Famous closing song to date, but the crowd wanted more, they could have easily played another mindfuck crippling hit. About the BEST way to leave it, with the crowd wanting more. But they should hit the Springsteen method next tour and play for three hours. (This reporter's opinion)
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