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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
Tour: Ghost Opera Tour 2008
Headliner: Kamelot
Support: Edguy, Something Beautiful, Shield Of Wings
Venue: The Pearl Room, Mokena, IL
Date: October 18th, 2008


Edguy Set List:

01. Mysteria
02. Sacrifice
03. Lavatory Love Machine
04. Tears Of A Mandrake
05. Superheroes
06. Vain Glory Opera

07. King Of Fools

Set Time: 8.41-9.35
8:41-9:35?? That's way to short for Edguy being a "special guest." 5 more minutes....make it an hour with one more song! Say...."Avantasia"? Or "Under The Moon," - "Babylon"!! C'mon, nothing from "Theater of Salvation?"

Well, even if they just perform those 7 I'll be happy, I love those 7 songs anyway. And they better open with Mysteria in Hollywood though. And a big FUCK YES to Edguy coming back to the States in September next year. Full headline tour? With a LONGER set? I'm totally there.

I'm already pleased with Kamelot's set so no criticism there...but "The Fourth Legacy" material would be nice like the title song or Nights of Arabia!

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