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Wolves in the Throne Room -- Austin, TX -- October 17th, 2008

Saw this the night after Opeth and I wasn't sure it would measure up. It did. The first two bands of the night, Nosferion and Vesperian Sorrow, were both from Texas, but neither was especially good. Nosferion had a couple decent grooves, but overall pretty boring. Vesperian Sorrow was a more symphonic black band, and while both guitarists were extremely good they really did nothing for me. Nachtmystium played next and they really destroyed. I'm a bit fuzzy about the order of the last couple songs.

Nachtmystium Set:

Your True Enemy
One of These Nights
Away From the Light
Ghosts of Grace
Eulogy IV
Antichrist Messiah
The Wolf (Motorhead cover- they really caught me off guard with that one, but it was great!)

Wolves in the Throne Room closed out the night. They had them dim the lights real low and set up some candles on stage, then they proceeded to destroy the place with their absolutely immense sound. The Vastness and Sorrow, indeed.

WittR Set:

I have absolutely no idea what they played when, I just know they played all of Two Hunters plus one or two other songs.

They never spoke to the crowd or announced any of their songs, it was just one long atmospheric onslaught, and man did it kick ass!
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