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Opeth -- Austin, TX -- October 16th, 2008

I looked forward to this show for months as it crawled nearer and nearer, and after the agonizing wait it was all I hoped it would be and more.

Baroness started a few minutes early and because of that, I was still in line when they played The Birthing. As pissed at that as I was, the rest of their show soothed me well enough, especially since they added Grad on at the end of their set. Amazing performance. The new guitarist really seems to fit in well, and I didn't notice too much of a difference from his predecessor musically. I really love how they change up the intros to some of their songs, specifically to Grad, where they did a really awesome jam going into it.

Baroness Set:

The Birthing
Rays on Pinion
Red Sky

High on Fire played the same set as posted earlier, as far as I know. I don't recall hearing them play Rumors of War after Turk, so that may have been in a different spot. They were immense and the crowd seemed to enjoy them well enough. Their relentless drumming never managed to get a pit going, but certainly a lot of headbanging.

High on Fire Set:

Fury Whip
Cometh Down Hessian
Death is This Communion
Rumors of War (?)
Waste of Tiamat

The main event was better than I could have ever hoped. It was my third time seeing Opeth, but somehow it was just so much more powerful than the previous two times. Maybe it was just the excellent opening bands that put me in the right frame for it. The sound was very good and Mike was most entertaining. A couple times it looked like they would deviate from the setlist, but they managed to dash my hopes every time. They started playing A Fair Judgement at one point, then stopped just before the heavier part came in. A little later they also started playing Face of Melinda and the crowd went crazy, only to have them quit about a minute in. Either way, this was definitely one of the best tours I've had the good fortune to see.

Opeth Set:

Heir Apparent
The Grand Conjuration
Serenity Painted Death
Hope Leaves (with an alternate ending)
The Lotus Eater
The Night and Silent Water
Demon of the Fall
The Drapery Falls

Edit: A friend of mine stayed after the show to talk to Opeth and Mike informed him that they would be coming back again in April.

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