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I was there. Amazing show.

Ensiferum's setlist was
1. Ad Victoriam (Intro)
2. Blood Is The Price Of Glory
3. Token of Time
4. Ahti
5. Treacherous Gods
6. Tale of Revenge
7. One More Magic Potion
8. Iron

I was also there mainly for Ensiferum. It was my fourth time seeing Amon Amarth.

I have to say, though, I've NEVER seen so many douchebags at a show as last night. Aside from the multitude of people who brought their girlfriends and got pissed when she got pushed just like everyone else on the floor, there were these two people behind me who, whenever I started to headbang during Ensiferum, would elbow me in the back of the head to stop. This wasn't an accident, as it happened multiple times until I got frustrated in the middle of Treacherous Gods, and I felt their elbows move from where they were on my back to block my head.

Oh, and you're not the only one who couldn't understand Belphegor's vocalist's banter. No one I've talked to has any idea what he said.

And while it hardly needs clarifying, yes, AA played Cry of the Blackbirds and ended with Pursuit of Vikings.

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