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Amon Amarth -- Worcester, MA -- October 18th, 2008

The final leg is complete. Amon Amarth were super tight and pumped. And let me disclaim now that if they played anything after Victorious March, such as Cry of the Blackbirds, I split, which i kind of regret but it's done and done, but if they really always do it, it will be incentive for the next time they swing by.

quick report:
entered to The Absence already playing, approx 8:15ish. caught their last three numbers. They closed with a Testament cover, Into the Pit.

Belphegor: tonight i wore ear plugs and the singer's banter may have been muffled, but i could barely make it out. inbetween the 2nd & 3rd song was something that included "Hail Satan". Between 5 & 6, we were asked if we were ready for Satan and then we chanted: HAIL HAIL. In total, 7 songs plus an intro.

Ensiferum were one reason why i bought my ticket. i am looking forward to their appearance at the next paganfest. i am not going to post their set list because of too many blanks. The last three were Tale of Revenge, One More Magic Potion, and Iron, but only b/c they were told to us and i heard the guy in spite of the ear plugs.

Amon Amarth: the other reason.

Twilight of the Thunder God
Runes to My Memory
North Sea Storm
Free Will Sacrifice
Valhalla Awaits Me
Guardians of Asgaard
When Silent Gods Stand Guard
Death in Fire
Where is your God?
Victorious March

Okay, so maybe not so quick. but despite the setbacks, it was a good three days. next week's "one off" should be good.

AND I am eternally grateful that the singer announced every song.
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