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Question Best/Worst Band Name

What band do you think has the most brutal/shock value/ass kickery/je ne sais quoi of a name, past or present?

For me, this game is best when thinking about how a non-metal head react to it. my friend since college/high school who dabbles more or less, but i'd say he's not really into it, got a kick out of the band name Rotting Christ. I know i am using a good one right out of the gate, but this is also about the worst name.

and the worst one i ever came across is called Oomph!. Maybe with three o's. but definitely the exclamation point (!). and as a math nerd back in my youth, had i come across this particular band then, i'd go, "Oomph factorial?"
but their one saving grace is the lyric "spitting blood in the face of god". i found this on a music channel thru windoze media playah, 777-something. it's a little canned, meaning there's a good bit of repetition, but i found quite a few gems there, specifically Oomph. I didn't google or wikipedia them however, so if there was an error in their playlist, and Oomph is somehow incorrect, the band that sings the lyric "spitting blood in the face of god" may have a better name than Rotting Christ.

good hunting ppl.

oh, and for those that are not in a band, but if you were what would be the name of it? I have two:

Diet of Worms
Your Friendly Neighborhood Creepy Old Guy

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