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Originally Posted by insipidzombie View Post
I just got back from Kataklysm's headlining show with Dying Fetus, Eluveitie and Keep of Kalessin. All of the touring bands sounded great. This was such an awesome package, I couldn't miss this show.

I'm 100 % certain this setlist is correct.

01. Prevail
02. Like Angels Weeping (The Dark)
03. Let Them Burn
04. As I Slither
05. The Chains of Power
06. Manipulator of Souls
07. Illuminati
08. As Death Lingers
09. Where the Enemy Sleeps
10. Taking the World By Storm
11. Crippled and Broken
12. In Shadows & Dust
They're really lacking on Serenity In Fire stuff, other than As I Slither. Too much from their latest release in my opinion. They should have Road To Devestation and Chronicles of the Damned. They need to play Beyond Salvation.. FUCK! However Manipulator of Souls is a win!!! Pretty solid setlist, just to be able to see them would be awesome
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