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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Jon Oliva's Pain

3.Through the Eyes of the King
4.Maniacal Renderings
5.Tonight He Grins Again
7.Gutter Ballet
8.Walk Upon the Water
10.Edge of Thorns (w/ Zak Stevens)
11.Chance (w/ Zak Stevens)
12.Somewhere In Time
14.Jesus Saves
15.When the Crowds are Gone
16.Hall of the Mountain King

100% correct, I'm sure of it. Firefly was dropped and Adding the Cost was swapped out for Jesus Saves.

Circle II Circle
1.All That Remains
2.Sea of White
4.So Many Reasons
5.Heal You
7.Fatal Warning
10.Taunting Cobras
Pleasant surprise to see Fatal Warning in, but I'm really upset they had to drop Turns to Me for time issues.

1.Stand Up and Fight
2.Breaking the Chains
4.The End of Our Days
5.Never Look Back
6.Strange Wings (Savatage)
7.Destiny Calls

Can't say enough positive things about the show. Sound in the venue was good, not unnecessarily loud unlike a lot of places. Both bands were really great onstage in terms of both playing and interaction. Jon Oliva's facial expressions and interactions with us up front just made the set hilarious. Zak's two songs with JOP were probably the highlights of the night for me, along with Tonight He Grins Again, Believe, and When the Crowds are Gone. After their sets, each band came out and hung out with everyone. The Circle II Circle guys were great, and Mitch and Zak both told me that they are already writing material for a new album, which should be a return to the sound they had on "Burden of Truth"... amazing news for me. I was nearly speechless when I actually got to talk to Jon Oliva. I told him that it was an absolute honor to get to play with them, and meet him, and that his music meant more to me than he could possibly imagine. He actually took the time to suffer through signing my marathon of Savatage and related booklets. The Manticora guys were all really cool too. The night was just absolutely great, and as I said, I can't say enough positive things about the whole experience.
That was a great show. Had to miss Testament to see it, but it's well worth the trade. All of a sudden I saw this big guy with dark hair in front of me...I was like who the hell is this Chuck Billy and lo' and behold it was. Amazing night.
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