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Trivium -- New Haven, CT -- October 17th, 2008

for the second leg of my mini tour, after IE/IE, my main goal for this bill was Trivium and 36 Crazy Fists. and I-95 slammed me with an almost 4 hr ride, but i made it in time, with a full bladder.

The opening act, The Human Abstract, was not too shabby. they played 5 songs, the 2nd was from their 1st album, 3rd from the new one, #4 was called crossing the ...something...

36 Crazy fists, to be caught next supporting In Flames, were hyped up. every song was played at 2-3x the original recorded tempo. i was unfamiliar with the first 2 songs. then,

We Gave Them Hell
Felt Through a Phone Line (for the hockey fans)
crowd song: Happy Birthday to the bassist
The Heart and the Shape
???? - unknown to me
Installing the Catheter (I am pretty sure)
The All Night Lights

Next up, Trivium. After Jukebox Hero ended, the intro began,

Kirisute Gomen (sp)
Becoming the Dragon
inbetween banter was Matt yelling at the crowd that we weren't metal enough
???? - did not recognize it
more banter: sharing the stage with the stage divers, "...but if you're up here for more than 5 seconds, you're getting my foot up your ass. you're up here, jump. don't puss out. jump."
Gunshot - as it was announced to the crowd
Like Light to Flies
Into The Mouth of Hell We March
Down from the Sky
more banter: after travelling the world some, Heafy has heard that Americans don't know how to head bang, so with the next song, we were to show the world how we headbang. he wanted the kids to go to school tomorrow crying and sreaming about the pain. yes, that would be Saturday. throughout the banter, all i can see is that youTube muppet with the guide heavy metal saying, "HEADBANGING!!! Any head will do".
Ascendance, Track 1 - as it was announced to the crowd. Tread the Floods, unless i'm mistaken
Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr

And b/c the goal was reached, i chose not to stay for All That Remains. On line for the door, a mom was with her kid and his friend. i think she was about to give me what some might call "the glad eye", but then checked out my wedding ring, and evidently sought greener pastures.

also, the venue did not do the usual pat down; unless i seemed harmless enough...
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