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This is my 3rd Iced Earth show, the first with Barlow. Pure Evil was one of the highlights for me. i wasn't sure at first, and i had to run thru NotS in my head to figure it out.

Unlike some of you, this is the 2nd time i've seen Into Eternity. also on purpose. the sound this time around (1st supporting Sym X, same venue) lacked when they first got on, primarily the vocals.

Diagnosis Terminal
Beginning of the End
Severe Emotional Distress
Splintered Visions
Nothing (unsure, i thought they were going to play Out) (Which i would have preferred)
Time Immemorial
Crowd chant: FUCK CANCER
???? - totally unknown to me
tim roth's guitar replacement for the tour, Sean/Shaun Meyer/Mayer (don't know how he spells it) - guitar solo
Timeless Winter

Also for me, the whole bill was what i was psyched on, and that i was a little late kinda pissed me off. 7:30 and Saviours was playing. I kind of like their sound and do hope they do improve, a generic stoner that tends to drone. but i think i caught most of their set.
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