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My Iced Earth review

I have been to many concert venues to see many, many hard rock and metal shows, however, the Nokia Theater is one of the best venues in New York City to see a metal concert. That is because the acoustics are amazing and the stage is big enough for the band to walk around and perform on. In addition the capacity of the room is astonishing. I was lucky enough to see Iced Earth last night supporting their new album, The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part 2). The two opening acts were Saviours and Into Eternity.

Before I begin my review on all three bands, I must say that the shirts this time around were really well priced. I bought a tour T-shirt for twenty five dollars. I have not bought a shirt that cheap from a concert venue in a long time.

The first band to come on stage, Saviours which bored the life out of me. I could not understand the vocalist when he spoke but that could have been the PA systems fault, their stage presence was mediocre, and the songs they played dragged on way too long. They could have at least added a few covers to keep the crowed interested. I will cit them a break though since they are a new band on the block. I do hope they get better as time goes by.

Next up was Into Eternity. I listened to their newest album, The Incurable Tragedy a few hours prior to the concert and I was impressed of how much talent they have, however, what impressed me more was their live performance. It’s sad to see that they are still a support act but never the less though they are a band that gives one hundred percent when they perform live. Stu Block is an amazing singer. Another thing that earned them my respect is that all the money that goes towards merch sales is put into cancer research. FUCK CANCER!

Before Iced Earth took the stage, Eddie Trunk, a hard rock/metal DJ from Q.104.3 came on stage to present the band. I didn’t care because milk and cookies shot out of my nose as a group of people behind me and my friends were shouting, “FUCK YOU, YOU FAT FUCK!” , “NO ONE FUCKING CARES! ,” and “GET OFF THE FUCKING STAGE,”

Last but not least is the cream of the crop . . . ICED EARTH! This band was a site to behold last night as New York City Iced Earth fans welcomed the return of lead singer, Matt Barlow. The band was in top form and their performance was amazing to see. The backing band also did an excellent job performing the songs. What really surprised me was how well Matt sang the chosen songs from the Tim Owens era. Iced Earth is a band I would like to see again. I wonder what the next step is going to be for them album wise. Matt Barlow is back and I hope he is here to stay.

After we walked out side of the venue we took a picture with the bass player from INto Eternity, Troy Bleich.

Me, Kevin, and Chris with Troy Bleich from Into Eternity


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