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Kamelot -- New York, NY -- October 15th, 2008

So last night was, surprisingly, my fourth time seeing Edguy but only my first time seeing Kamelot, despite how often both bands have been playing the US lately.
We got up to NYC at about 4, and there was a shockingly small number of people in line in front of us. Unfortunately for BB Kings that doesn't mean a whole lot because of their stupid VIP tickets which let special people in early. So when we got inside there were about 3 rows worth of people up front. Reluctant to really endure the crowd and more anxious to observe the show at a distance, my friends and I chose to stand at the front of the raised level in the back of BB Kings, which I wound up thinking was a brilliant decision.
Local support act Arctic Flame hit the stage at 7:30, and played about a half hour. These guys aren't particularly good, but they're not at all a bad opener to stand through, and at list are somewhat stylistically appropriate.
Edguy came on a little before 8:30, and to my pleasant surprised, stopped opening with Catch of the Century! I quite like the song, but it's an awful opener and really destroyed the opening mood the last time I saw them. Instead we were treated to MYSTERIA as the opener! Unfortunately this show was horribly misadvertised, with Edguy only playing SEVEN songs. No, I'm not joking. It wouldn't have cut so bad if they didn't do so much crowd participation that they could seriously put a whole other song or two into the set instead. However, with only the exception of Lavatory Love Machine, the band picked a good 7 songs to do, and I have to say I probably enjoyed this Edguy set the most of any I've seen with the exception of the first back in 2004. They are just such a damn great live act, and that's all there is to say.

3.Lavatory Love Machine
4.Tears of a Mandrake
6.Vain Glory Opera
7.King of Fools

Kamelot came on at 10pm sharp. Immediately one thing became obvious, and plagued the first several songs of their set. The sound mix was absolutely awful. All you could hear was drums, vocals, and a bit of bass. Guitar and keyboards were almost inaudible until Center of the Universe. To be totally honest I didn't enjoy this nearly to extent I thought I would, excitement only really picking up on a few numbers (Center, The Haunting, Eden Echo, and Forever mainly). I'm not blaming it on the band, I just wasn't really feeling it for some reason. It was still a very good set none the less though.

1.Rule the World
2.When the Lights are Down
3.Soul Society
4.The Pendulous Fall
5.Center of the Universe
7.Descent of the Archangel
8.Instrumental/Drum Solo
9.The Human Stain
10.The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)
11.Eden Echo
12.Keyboard Solo
14.Ghost Opera
17.March of Mephisto

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