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Opeth -- Kansas City, MO -- October 14th, 2008

Baroness --
Wasn't really all that impressed with Baroness. Sound might have not been quite as good as what it should have been. Willing to give them another try.

Bakerton Group --
Was very excited to see them added for just this show (correct me if I'm wrong). Nothing really new that they brought to the table but that is still not a bad thing though. Neil really didn't do a whole lot of talking. Everybody just jammed for around 30 mins or so. I really really hoping there wasn't going to be somebody yell for them to play a Clutch song and luckily I never did hear anyone say that.

High On Fire --
I would have to say easily the loudest band of the night. Vocals at times were hard to hear but overall still very enjoyable. Not the most familiar w/ HOF's setlist but it seems like that they didn't really change it up very much from the last shows posted. Very amazing band and would love to hear a longer set.

Opeth --
Heir Apparent
The Grand Conjuration
Serenity Painted Death
Hope Leaves
The Lotus Eater
Night And The Silent Water
*Can't Remember Feel Free To Comment If You Were There And Remember*
Demon Of The Fall
The Drapery Falls

First time getting to see Opeth headling and they just don't disapoint. Crowd was hot for them all night. They really hit almost every album. Mikael was his usual dry-sarcastic self in between songs, made fun of Bon Jovi a little bit. Who doesn't love that? Show didn't even end until almost 1:30. Makes for a 2 and a half hour car trip home even longer. Excellent show from top to bottom.
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