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Blackest of the Black -- Philadelphia, PA -- October 14th, 2008

Pretty good show overall, my favorites were skeletonwitch and dimmu.

Upon Wings of Black
East Into The Open Sea
Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod
Beyond the Permafrost
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
Within My Blood

Winds of Plague-
A Cold Day In Hell
Anthems of the Apocalypse
Angels of Debauchery
Origins and Endings
Decimate the Weak
The Impaler

I didn't know any moonspell songs but i know they said the names of two of them which were called Opium and Full Moon Madness

Dimmu's was exactly the same setlist posted on here, and Danzig's was the same too but i think he left out a few of the songs, but he was fucking awesome. It was a fun show overall, the only downfall was them strictly enforcing the no camera/ cellphone thing. people were getting kicked out for it like crazy.
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