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Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post

Originally Posted by jimcarrey363
Also, I don't agree that Matt's screams look too forced. I thought both him and Corey did an awesome job with the screams/growls. But obviously we would see that differently since I like Trivium and you don't.
Not look forced. Sound forced.

And, I used to like them. Then I saw them live touring for Ascendancy with Matt screaming, and that completely ruined the band for me. But you're entitled to your own opinion.
my first exposure to trivium was when they opened for Iced Earth on IE's second leg after they headlined the NE metal & hc festival. Beyond the Embrace also supported.

what caught my attention then was Entrance to the Conflagration video with much cleaner vocals. i saw them for the Crusade tour, or pre-Crusade since the date i was at was before the release of the record. seeing them supporting Maiden made the trip for me, even with the bassist's technical difficulties. i've been diggin' them for a while now.

now i said all that to now say for me harsher growl vocals sound more or less the same to me...

now that i think about their previous live performances that i have seen, Matt should stick to cleaner vocals.
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