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Originally Posted by Sepultribe03 View Post
Why the hell is Trivium only playing 45 minutes? That makes no sense
Yea, I'm not really sure. I'm guessing all the people who don't like Trivium will say that's too long anyway, but I really really thought they would throw a couple extra songs out there.

Originally Posted by JuuKun View Post
Now, I'm no Trivium fan at all, but I've managed to see them 3 times live opening for other bands, and they're alright live if I have to see them again - but Matt should really give up growling. They sound way too forced coming out of his mouth. When I saw them just before The Crusade came out, Corey handled most (if not all of) the growls, and it was just SO much better than the other two times I've seen them. They should really just stick with that IMO.
Originally Posted by Altmer7989 View Post
The wise option for Matt Heafy would be to just shut up overall, but considering that isn't gonna happen anytime soon, let Corey handle growls. Or even better, since it doesn't fit the music, just quit the growling and learn to sing.
Also, I don't agree that Matt's screams look too forced. I thought both him and Corey did an awesome job with the screams/growls. But obviously we would see that differently since I like Trivium and you don't.
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