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Post Amon Amarth -- St. Paul, MN -- October 12th, 2008

holy balls it was hot in the building tonight!

i didnt even move around for The Absence and i was already sweating through my the time Belphegor got done my hair was complete wet, as if i just got out of a shower...something must have been broken with the AC!!!

anyways...setlist time!

The Absence

1) Dead and Gone
2) Riders Of The Plague (?)
3) Echos
4) From Your Grave
5) In To The Pit (Testament Cover)

i could have 2 and 3 mixed up...and for 2 i am almost positive he said it was the title track of there new im about 99% sure that this is correct


1) ??
2) ??
3) Hells Ambassador
4) Justine Soaked in Blood
5) Stigma Diabolicum
6) Lucifer Incestus
7) Bondage Goat Zombie (with bondage mask on)

It was a cool set. didnt recognize the first two songs. only 2 people besides myself really got into them


1) Ad Victoriam
2) Blood Is The Price of Glory
3) Token Of Time
4) Ahti
5) Treacherous Gods
6) Tales Of Revenge
7) One More Magic Potion
8) Iron

Iron was alot of fun since he has everyone screaming the keyboard (da-da-da-daaa) great times!

Amon Amarth

1) Twilight of the Thunder God
2) Runes to my memory
3) Asator
4) North Sea Storm
5) Free Will Sacrifice
6) Valhalla Awaits Me
7) Guardians of Asgaard
8) Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
9) Death in Fire
10) Where Is Your God?
11) Victorious March

12) Cry of the Black Birds
13) Pursuit of Vikings

I was so hot and sweaty and tired from the previous two bands i didnt do much with Amon Amarth. this is the setlist i am most worried that could be out of order...sorry. it was honestly hard to concentrate, and i will ask my friends if they was still very though cool though, and Johan must have mentioned that we are the (minnesota) Vikings about 40 times haha...everything seemed to be dedicated to us for being Viking, even if our football team sucks. oh well!!

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