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Helloween -- Santa Fe, NM -- October 8th, 2008

Gamma Ray

Into the Storm
Heaven Can Wait
New World Order
Valley of the Kings
Rebellion in Dreamland
Heavy Metal Universe
Ride the Sky
Somewhere Out in Space

Send Me a Sign


Crack the Riddle
Sole Survivor
March of Time
As Long as I Fall
A Tale that Wasn't Right
Mr. Torture
Eagle Fly Free
If I Could Fly
Dr. Stein

Medley (I Can/Where the Rain Grows/Perfect Gentleman/Power/Keeper of the Seven Keys)

Future World (w/Gamma Ray)
I Want Out (w/Gamma Ray)

No "Paint a New World" as had been listed on previous posts of this show in the States. Wonder why? Still a fantastic show!

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