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found a review from london. said that they played my sweet shadow and colony at that show. still nothing off whoracle. here are some quotes from the review that i found pretty pathetic... "Anders was asking people to sing along to the Pinball Map chorus and it was shockingly dead, I was the only person around my area who even knew the words to the chorus, and I heard a guy behind me say "is this from The Jester Race?" "The loud squeels from girls (and maybe some emo boys) when Take This Life and Come Clarity came on, in comparison to the silence for Dead God in me or Insipid 2000, was sickening." "The songs from Colony and Clayman got very little reaction from everybody except me, and the songs from TJR.... well, they might as well have been playing hip hop."

the whole review is at the same link where i got the setlist, just down the thread a bit.
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